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Branding NH & MA Businesses, One Client at a Time

Here at Scribble, we're very enthusiastic about building exceptional brands.  In fact, we love it!  It's one of the first topics we'll bring up in conversation with new prospects.  A company without a strong brand is like fishing without bait. Give your audience something to covet, give them a community of brand ambassadors to tantalize their desire to belong to a group and best of all, give them something good to talk about and watch your sales go up and your advertising expenses go down.

Your Audience Won't Believe in your Brand if You Don't

Show your audience how much you believe in your brand by creating beautiful marketing collateral peppered with your company's logo, colors, slogan and messaging.  Believe in your company, your brand; show your audience your company is the best option available for the services you provide and you'll pique your audience's curiosity.  By showing your audience you believe in your company, you create a reason for them to read your brochure, visit your website, view your portfolio and speak with your clients.

Understanding Branding?

A brand, first of all, is not just one thing.  It's the collection of many things that represent a company and make it unique. For example, what would Coca Cola be without their script font, bright red and white colors, their numerous slogans, 'Have a Coke and a Smile', their stylish bottles, polar bears, memorabilia… you get the picture.

Without a well-managed brand you're greatly impeding your company's sales effort.  The sooner you understand what branding is and how to make it work for your company, the faster your company will grow.

Call the brand builders of New Hampshire and Massachusetts businesses today.  We can't wait to build your brand!

Branding NH
Client: Royal Ridge Fruits - Royal City, Washington
Project: Breathe new life into a 50-year-old wholesale fruit company, the largest on the West coast, with a completely new logo, website and print collateral.