Scribble’s Top Factors for Creating a Powerful Business Logo

At Scribble Creative Group we have worked with New Hampshire businesses of all sizes undertaking commerce in a wide range of industries. Each client we work with has a need for a stronger corporate identity that will strongly brand their company within their marketplace.  One of the major aspect of a business identity is a company logo. Company logos are seemingly ubiquitous. Your logo will likely show up on every advertisement, document, and social media account that you produce. Additionally, it will make a statement to the public about your professionalism and inventiveness. Most important, it will stay in people's minds and win you new customers, or it will be instantly forgettable.

Great logos are very challenging to devise. To ensure that yours is among the best, Scribble Creative Group carefully looks at fulfilling each of the top logo design attributes listed below.  Out experience with corporate identity has proved that attention to these details is what can create a lasting impression for a business.

1. Creativity

Scribble Creative Group is just that… our team of creative graphic artists understand the process of building a corporate identity through a visual representation of how a company runs a business, sell products or performs services. Creativity and originality go hand-in-hand as a unique image of a business can allow a company to stand out from a crowded marketplace of stale designs, stock images or clip art. An original design may be one of the most underrated aspects of corporate identity that can work to grow a business and connect a company with a targeted client base.

2. Scalability

It is crucial that the logos that we design look equally as good on a wide range of media. We view drafts on business cards, posters and internet browsers to make sure they maintain quality of appearance throughout print and digital depiction. Often times we see business logos that have details that look clear in large configurations but appear grainy or fuzzy in small versions. In this regard, you might consider the Nike swoosh to be a model since it's compelling at any size. Our goal is to design a logo that maintains its visual integrity when viewed through all types of sizes and media.

3. Symmetry

Symmetry is a design aspect often overlooked and taken for granted by an untrained eye. Your logo must achieve an agreeable visual balance in order to portray a message or reach a specific market. A well-designed logo should be compelling in its entirety and the eyes should not be drawn to extraneous elements. A great example of this is the simplicity and power of fast-food restaurant logos that can be seen from afar while driving, recognized and portray an easily understood message.

4. Timelessness

Long-lasting emblems are especially effective in maintaining a business presence through branding over time. Often, artists will create designs based on hot-topics or trendy design attributes that will leave a logo to fade and become outdated in a short amount of time. One of the key concepts at Scribble is to design corporate identities that stand the test of time and that have a long term vision. Likewise, we avoid incorporating current technology into logos. For example, you might believe that a Smartphone or laptop silhouette would work well, but such objects could have different shapes or be obsolete in five years. We avoid anything that might reek of the past, current passing trends and design for longevity.

5. Relevance

A logo must distinctly relate to and be recognizable for a specific industry. Often times Scribble can accomplish a solid relationship between company and industry through research of color schemes, design attributes and history of a marketplace. That way, those who see it might remember your company when they're in the market for your products or services. For example, if you are a caterer, it's wise to include the likeness of a food, an eating utensil, or something else that's associated with cooking or mealtimes.

6. Simplicity

Logos with complicated designs or unnecessary adornments routinely fail to attract eyeballs. By contrast, those that are simple, clear, and easy to grasp at a glance, while still being imaginative, are much more memorable and recognizable. What's more, it's easier to reproduce a simple logo in a variety of formats. It is said that ‘an image can speak 1000 words’ and often times we have found that simplicity has greater visual marketing power.

7. Original Artwork

Creating a design from scratch creates an original representation of your business. It's vital to steer clear of stock images on the Internet. For one thing, you could run afoul of copyright laws if you were to use a stranger's drawing or photo. We have seen this happen with businesses who have hired designers from India to create a logo at low cost. Many companies have found themselves hit with copyright infringement lawsuits for web sites and logo design from foreign design companies that are not held accountable with U.S. copyright laws. Plus, ask yourself how your company would look to a customer who realizes that your logo contains a stock image. It might make your entire operation seem vapid if not shady. Originality and creativity is one of the corner stones of Scribble Creative Group.

8. Color Independence

At Scribble we use colors carefully and in a manner that truly represents your business. Too many hues can weaken your logo's overall impact. Besides, there will probably be times when people will see your logo in black and white. Therefore, you want to be certain that the color schemes are not instrumental to the over-all impression that you want to make.

9. The Right Font

Fonts are a critical aspect of logo design and often times a specific font for a company name alone can be powerful enough to be a logo. However, the wrong font can be damaging. The font ultimately chosen should complement your icon and not draw attention to itself. At the same time, it should be able to stand on its own. It should be distinctive and pleasing even without the image, and it needs to have warmth and personality while still looking businesslike.

Look at our portfolio to notice the various font types used in our designs and how each compliments a business and helps to build their identity.

10. Aimed at a Target Audience

Finally, just because you adore a particular icon, font or color scheme doesn't mean that you've arrived at the right look for your target audience. Instead, your company must have a logo that will suit your clients whom you're attempting to attract. One of the benefits of hiring Scribble Creative Group to design your corporate identity is that we are several steps away from your business and can see the industry as a whole. Often times clients are too close to their business or personal preferences to select a color or design best suited to attract clients. With that in mind, we ask clients to carefully consider the age range, tastes, and needs of your intended demographic over their own personal design preferences. We love to please our clients with our design skills but in the end it is our clients prospects that really need to be impressed. Our focus at Scribble is on the target market to build your identity and help grow your business.


Author: Craig Hayes
Publisher: Scribble Creative Group, LLC.
Section: Logo Design
Date: 8/20/14