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Stability. 24/7 Support. Control Panel Access: Website hosting for small to mid-sized businesses

Ten years ago we started building our business website hosting solution from the ground up to better serve small to mid-sized businesses. We understand all too well the pitfalls of cheap website hosting. Our website hosting packages are affordable and generously equipped with bandwidth, disk space and support.

Enter cloud hosting technology

What cloud hosting means to you as a small to mid-sized business is, peace-of-mind and affordability. Cloud computing is a cluster of computers providing copious amounts of disk space, bandwidth and application support. Because the cloud operates as a cluster of computers you no longer have to worry about server failure. If an application or server fails, another is standing by to seamlessly take over without a second of disruption.

Email support and access

You can have it one of two ways: We can manage email for you, which means creating accounts, changing passwords as needed, managing spam and providing support for email setup, or, you can have access to your own control panel, giving you full access to manage email as you see fit. With either plan users can manage a number of settings for their individual account, such as: auto-replies, forwarding to other email accounts, contact lists, calendars, filtering out unwanted emails, composing email formats, spam management (safelist/blacklist) and password management.

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