Scribble Marketing Makeover Opens Doors for Café Services

To Dining Management Services Provider, Looks Really Do Matter

When Café Services started working with Scribble Creative Group in 2008, it was a leading dining management services provider with a 15-year history serving as many as 150 locations in New England. Although the company had a great reputation for the quality of its service and professionalism, it didn’t have the polished look to go along with it.

Says Matt Stone, Director of Business Development: “We didn’t look like the established, professional organization we were. In fact, our website actually hurt us more than it helped."

Head-Turning Image Gives Café Services an Edge

Screen shot of Cafe Services website

Today, Café Services is turning heads with a new, more memorable logo and complete makeover of all corporate marketing—including the web, corporate brochures and ongoing direct mail campaigns. The credit goes to Scribble Creative Group.

Cafe Services new logo design

In three years, Scribble has transformed the Café Services brand with a new, more memorable logo and complete makeover of all corporate marketing—including the web, corporate brochures and ongoing direct mail campaigns.

“Every one of these projects has helped us improve our image,” says Stone. “And with great results, too.”

New Website and Brochure Get Great Return for Café Services

Where does Café Services get its biggest return on investment? According to Stone, it comes from the new corporate brochures and websites Scribble created for each of the company’s two main divisions.

“We noticed the difference in prospect call volume immediately after sending out our new brochures,” Stone says. Along with our new website, the brochures make my job a lot easier. They trigger a lot of interest in our company, wherein the past, I spent a lot of time undoing the impression prospects got from our outdated, not-very-professional looking marketing. It’s been much easier getting appointments since redoing our website and collateral with Scribble.”

From Service to Know-How to Quality—Everything is Better with Scribble

With Scribble, Stone feels Café Services is getting a lot more than it would from most other agencies, big and small. Everything is exceptional—from the personalized service to depth of knowledge to the quality and ingenuity of the creative. Stone especially values his direct access to Craig, the co-founder.

“When Scribble first met with us, it was very important to me to know that I’d be able to work directly with the owner,” says Stone. “I have a great relationship with Craig. He’s accessible, responsive and easy to bounce ideas off. If he’s not available when I call, he always calls back right away.”

Stone also likes that he can go to Scribble for of all of Café Services’ marketing needs. Because to someone as busy as Stone, efficiency is everything. And it’s a huge advantage to be able to cover multiple projects in one phone call or meeting.

Scribble has also proven to Café Services that the results will always be top notch. Says Stone, “I know that whatever project I throw Scribble's way, the work will always be the best. Scribble always exceeds my expectations. There’s no doubt in my mind that Craig has a genuine interest in helping our company, and that Scribble really cares about the end product.”

As for the future, Café Services looks forward to a long working relationship with Scribble. The company recently began using Scribble’s custom content management system. For Stone, it continues to be a work-in-progress that keeps growing over time. But already, he’s noticing a big positive difference. “Our employees in the field love that they can download files they would have had to call the main office to get in the past. It makes the entire company more productive.”