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Create demand, with a Scribble logo design

As our logo design portfolio illustrates, we love creating impressive identities. When you engage Scribble to create your new logo – or update an existing one – you gain a powerful new tool that will invigorate your image, promote your professionalism, and underscore the uniqueness of your brand.

This is a logo that was designed for Aquila Technology. It incorporates an illustration of an eagle head and the word Aquila.

Your logo is only one component of your overall brand – but as the first visual image your audience sees, it must be designed to instill an impression and evoke an emotion that will motivate them to respect your brand… remember your brand… recommend your brand… and rely on your brand as the only solution to their needs.

This is a logo for SunRay Solar. It displays a uniquely designed sun graphic over the words SunRay.

At Scribble, we’re masters at creating powerful logo designs that stick in people’s minds; and concise, smartly-worded taglines that make a lasting impact. We’ve built a strong reputation for developing sustainable brand identities for clients in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and throughout the U.S. since 1999.

This is Country Woods Furniture's new logo.  The words Country Woods are in Adobe Garamond font over an illustration of an oak leaf in the background. The word furniture is at the bottom of the logo using the font Avenir at a smaller point size.

The Critical First Step of Logo Design

Scribble starts by helping you define an identity for your organization and brand that is meaningful to your audience and expresses who you are and what you stand for. This critical first step sets the foundation for our creative team to capture the essence of your brand’s persona in a distinctive logo design and slogan.

This logo displays the words East West in a large font over the word Express in a smaller font.  The design uses the X in the Express to segment the bar creating two arrows pointing towards each other implying the service is roundtrip.

Using colors, tones, typefaces and styles that align with your organization or firm’s overall image, the sum total of what we create is much more than just a logo. It is a carefully-crafted visual image that authentically represents your brand’s core identity, designed to make a lasting impact in the minds and hearts of your target audience.

The 6 Key Features of Effective Logo Design

For people to consider YOUR brand as the ONLY solution for their needs, a well-crafted logo design must contain these 6 key features:

Be Simple

Your logo must be easy for everyone to quickly identify, recognize, and recall. A classic example is the iconic Nike “swoosh”. In 1971 the Nike logo featured the name NIKE in Futura Bold font in all-capital letters, cradled within the swoosh. By 1995, the simple swoosh had become so recognizable that the brand could use it by itself. A well-designed logo is uncomplicated and instantly recognizable, especially when viewing-time is limited. Whether it appears in a commercial, on the side of a truck driving by, or as one of many sponsors’ logos in an event program – a logo is most effective when it requires only seconds to absorb and recognize.

This logo displays in a large front the word Griffin with the words Free Public Library underneath. Under the words 4 books are illustrated from a top perspective and water wakes cradle the bottom of the books so it looks like water flowing over a dam.

Be Unique

The symbols, typographic fonts, and colors used to create your logo must work together to uniquely represent your brand. A well-designed logo will convey your brand’s unique personality, and help to evoke the emotions that you intend your audience to feel about your brand.

This logo cleverly incorporates a C and an M with the design of a math compass.

Common fonts (such as Times New Roman), and common/clip art types of symbols (such as a handshake), fail to convey the uniqueness and exclusivity of your product or service.

Uniqueness is so important that the world’s most famous brands often create their own proprietary fonts. For example, the visual identity system of the General Electric Company uses a proprietary typeface, “GE Inspira” that the GE Brand Manual describes as "at the forefront of GE's brand expression and recognized as being Clear, Precise, and Modern”.

Be Memorable

Beyond simplicity and uniqueness – and indeed a byproduct of those features – memorability is a key component of an effective logo design. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines memorability as “the quality or state of being easy to remember or worth remembering”. If you expect people to respect, remember, recommend and rely on your brand as the only solution to their needs, your logo must indeed be memorable.

The logo displays a large M which looks like a blue furry and soapy monster.  The words Clean Monster and Car Wash are under the large monster M.

Be Scalable

Your logo must be proportionately sized to accommodate a variety of small-to-large scale formats and size requirements without sacrificing image quality and consistency. Common examples include product labels, vehicle signage, and all types of print and electronic advertisements. A well-designed logo maintains proper scale and promotes your brand effectively whether it appears on a 2-inch section of embroidered apparel, or a 48-ft billboard.

Be Sustainable

A sustainable logo is designed to withstand the test of time, and consistently appeal to target audiences. Your logo is sustainable only when it includes the other key features of effective logo design: simplicity, uniqueness, memorability, scalability, and consistency across all formats.

Be Consistent Across Various Formats

Wherever it appears, a logo design must support the clear recognition of your brand.

The design of this logo cleverly incorporates a flame created with the letters C and H, which are the company founder's initials.  The word BABBCO is adjacent to the flame graphic with the words Tunnel Ovens under BABBCO.

From product packaging to Internet imaging, a well-designed logo maintains its integrity when printed on paper and plastic, or embroidered on fabric, or carved as an ice sculpture, or electronically recreated on a blimp. (Hey, the sky is the limit when your logo works for you!) It must also work well in color, reverse color, and black and white. Effective design means that your logo should not require any alterations to maintain a consistent look and feel.

This is a photo of a BABBCO tunnel oven showing the BABBCO logo prominently displayed on the front of the oven.

Preserving Your Logo’s Value

A logo and tagline are powerful and valuable tools in your branding toolkit. To maintain effectiveness they must be presented in a consistent way wherever they appear. To preserve and promote consistency in your logo’s presentation, Scribble will provide you with a scalable EPS file of your logo at the completion of your logo development project. Our Standard Logo Package also provides you with a JPG and PDF file, and standard color-specifics, such as process color/CMYK.

This is a logo which displays the illustrated heads of 3 cows above the words Moos Place.  A large illustration of an ice cream cone is the background of the image.

Additionally, Scribble can provide a Branding Guidelines document to assist you with managing your brand with consistent visual identity standards for the use of your logo.

A standard Branding Guidelines package is a PDF document and compressed file that contains:

  • Corporate Logo, Guidelines & Tagline, including: Logo Clear Zone, Logo Use & Misuse, Minimum Logo Size
  • Corporate Color Palette and Typefaces
  • Logo permissions & compliance information
Because All Great Ideas Start with a ScribbleSM

Whatever industry you serve, and whatever solutions you provide, Scribble Creative Group will work with you to craft a logo that effectively represents your brand, reinforces your image, retains your credibility, and reassures your audience that there are many reasons to choose YOUR brand as the only solution to their needs.

Your image matters. Contact Scribble Creative Group today.

This is Royal Ridge Fruit's logo which displays an illustration of a fruit tree between the words Royal Ridge Fruits over illustrated mountains in the background.
Client: Royal Ridge FruitsTM, Royal City, Washington.
Royal Ridge Fruits is the largest provider of Bing cherries in the U.S. We have helped them create a new logo, design and print collateral and design a website that best represents the modern company they are. Project:Identity/logo design