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Consider us your in-house publication management team

Knowledge is power. And when shared in a useful online article or print publication, it’s a great way to stay on customers’ radar screen and earn their loyalty.

But that takes smart graphic design and often some targeted research and interviews — not to mention lively, persuasive copywriting that keeps your audience engaged. Frankly, not many small- and mid-sized companies have the time or resources to do this cost-effectively. And that’s where Scribble can help.

Publication services

Whether you need a brief e-newsletter or full-blown periodical series, Scribble provides the full range of publication services:

  • Developing concepts, topics and editorial calendars
  • Researching content and interviewing sources
  • Writing engaging, credible content in your company’s voice
  • Designing graphics and formats that draw your audience to your most compelling content
  • Editing and proofing
  • Managing pre-press and printing
  • Managing online and offline publishing and delivery

When it comes to publications, it’s not just what you know that makes the difference; it’s also how you share it. Let Scribble help get you started.

marketing strategy nh
Client: Harvard affiliate, Schepens Eye Research Institute – Boston, Massachusetts
Project: Publication management and production to include concept development, photo shoots, interviews, copywriting, design, layout, pre-press, print and mailing management.