Scribble Gives Clout to IBS Corporate Image from Print to Web

To Bank and Credit Union Software Leader, Results Speak Volumes

Web Design NH
Client: Intelligent Banking Solutions, New London, NH
Project: Web design, content management, search engine marketing

When IBS president, Rob Daley, met Craig Hayes of Scribble Creative Group 5 years ago, he was looking for one thing: A technical NH web design company to host his company’s website. Daley got exactly what he was looking for from Scribble—a reliable hosting environment for his corporate website

But he also got much more. Because today, the IBS website is more than just reliable. It’s a polished, high-performing marketing powerhouse that generates upwards of four times the qualified leads as the previous web site Daley came to Scribble with 5 years ago.

Says Daley, “Prior to working with Scribble, our website was running on such obsolete technology, it received virtually no leverage from search engines. Now we’re getting serious activity from businesses that come to our website because they’re legitimately interested in our offerings.”

And that’s just for starters. Scribble has also brought clout and consistency to the IBS brand by unifying the company’s image across all communications—including the web site, trade show marketing, advertising, stationery and direct mail.

“Everything is 100% unified from our business cards to our brochures,” says Daley. The consistent message and image gives IBS a number of advantages—both indirect and direct. Daley has noticed a heightened sense of confidence among his sales team. He chalks it up to the pride of working for a company that not only performs, but looks like a competitor. It also bolsters sales.

Looks Make a Difference—To Sales and Morale

Says Daley, “Having a stronger, more unified brand speeds the sales process by reinforcing on-the-street selling tactics with consistent messaging in our communications and on our website. It gives our sales team the sense of pride that comes with representing a high quality company.”

Daley is optimistic that his company’s new image will lead to even bigger gains over time. Recently, Scribble launched a break-through direct mail campaign for IBS. And while the results are still coming in, all indicators suggest it’s going to be a winner.