Copywriting For Small Business

Crafting the Right Message For Your Brand

Copywriting for brands is an art form. Good copy doesn’t just convert leads into customers. It enchants, attracts, and inspires. It can also dissolve buyer resistance and show your target audience why they don’t just need the products or services you offer; they specifically want them from your business

Fantastic brand copy tells a story. It engages your audience and leads them through the process of interacting with your brand and, eventually, following through with a purchase. It’s both reassuring and exciting, and it always leaves people wanting more and wondering what else you have to offer.

Writing for the Web: SEO and Beyond

Digital copywriting comes with its own unique challenges. Not only do writers have to engage audiences, but they also have to understand search engine optimization and how to take advantage of it. 

At Scribble Creative Group, we look beyond the basics of SEO copywriting. We’re not just trying to fit keywords into newsletters and blog posts (as important as that may be). We’re telling stories and developing our clients’ brand voices, and using those ever-important keywords to guide future customers through each piece of text we create. 

Effective website copywriting won’t just impress a search engine algorithm. It will engage readers and keep them hooked. A good marketing copywriter knows how to make a piece of copy both SEO-friendly and compelling to read. 

What’s the point of marketing copy if no one actually wants to read it? 

We’re not just marketers. We’re genuine creatives who want to tell your brand’s story through every post, email, and webpage we create for you. We aim to put personality back into copywriting. 

We add the personal touch back into newsletters, websites, blog posts, and so much more. If you need it, we can write it (and write it well).

Writing for Print: Keeping Eyes on the Page

When writing for print, the challenge of search engine optimization may no longer be there, but a greater challenge presents itself: writing in such a way that it engages audiences without a screen. 

We want to create paper newsletters, posters, and direct mail that people won’t just glance at before throwing it away or shoving it into an overstuffed drawer, never to be seen again. We want to hook audiences from the very first sentence or headline and have them truly stop and engage with our writing. 

Don’t You Want That Too? 

Whether you’re in need of the perfect slogan for a business card, compelling copy for direct mailers, or a brief blurb for a billboard that pops, we’ve got you covered.

What Great Copy Does for Small Businesses

It Hooks New Customers: Great copy will act as a written lasso, wrapping itself around members of your target audience and pulling them in through the power of effective language. It gets them interested in what your brand has to offer and leaves them wondering what’s next. 

It Engages and Enchants: Once they’re hooked (or, in this case, lassoed), great copy will lead your potential customers by the hand as it tells your story. It shows them what you have to offer and helps them understand why they need it. 

It Turns Leads Into Sales: Once your potential customers have been led by the power of effective copywriting, they’ll feel compelled to buy. And not only that, but they’ll feel compelled to come back for more. You don’t just want customers; you want repeat customers.

Let Us Craft Your Brand’s Message

We understand how crucial fantastic copy is for small businesses, and we’re ready to get to work. Contact us at Scribble Creative Group so we can start working together today.