Google Ads Management Services

Increase Calls, Website Visits, RFQs, Leads, & Store Visits!

Pay-per-click (PPC) management for small business is one of our specialty services at Scribble Creative Group.  

Google Ads (previously: Google Adwords) or PPC Ad Campaigns enable businesses of all sizes to pay to advertise by bidding on opportunities to display ads above organic Google search results.

Thus, PPC advertising via Google Ads is an investment in advertising with Google to promote digital advertising campaigns to potential clients.  

Scribble Creative Group draws upon our online advertising experience of more than two decades to offer cost-effective campaign management services. Our digital marketing agency develops digital ad strategies that enable growth for business owners throughout New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and New England.

Google Ads Management Services by Local Professionals

Google Ads management is a powerful internet marketing tool for business website owners.  Google Ads can help you reach your target audience and drive more traffic to your website.

Cost-effective Google Ads online advertising campaigns require state-of-the-art research, development, deployment, and management that only an experienced local digital marketing agency like Scribble Creative Group can provide.

Potential clients consult Google search and Google Maps on mobile devices and desktop computers every minute of every day.

With Scribble Creative Group as your digital marketing partner, you can manage your business effectively while we work to grow it with a customized Google Ads strategy.

We are extremely happy with significant growth our company is experiencing compared to the last 90 years we’ve been in business. The rebranding and ongoing search engine marketing services Scribble is providing has greatly increased lead generation for us. We could not be happier. We chose Scribble Creative Group over the other firms we interviewed because of Craig’s knowledge and professionalism. We are so happy we didn’t go with someone else – Thank you Scribble!

Chris Callanan Toureen Pet Resort & Spa – Watertown, MA

Business Owners: Grow Your Business with Consistent Lead Generation and Exposure

A PPC ad campaign that effectively targets your customer base requires dedicated professional support.  More than a digital ad campaign management company, Scribble Creative Group offers comprehensive marketing services that drive measurable results.

Business owners rely on our team of PPC ad campaign experts for:

  • Cost-effective Strategy Development – to achieve business goals 
  • Account management / setup – using a strong business profile, search terms, etc.
  • Ad copywriting and keyword optimization – using core keywords and engaging content
  • Reporting & analysis – tracks marketing budget return on investment in PPC advertising
  • PPC management & ROI tracking insights – for mature digital ad campaigns
  • Reputation management – using reviews (Google reviews) 

Our comprehensive digital ad campaign management enables business owners to:

  • Reach potential customers who are actively searching for what their business offers
  • Generate sales from qualified prospects via targeted online ads
  • Gain return on investment by using their marketing budget effectively
  • Prevent competitor clicks / click fraud to protect their PPC marketing budget

How Our Digital Marketing Agency is Different

Our team’s unique PPC for small business strategy is both art and science – from our team’s distinctive personal approach to our continual research of Google’s organic algorithm.

Our Sensible Pricing Structure Maximizes Your Return on Investment

Our sensible flat-fee monthly pricing for Google Ads services represents huge value for our clients. This is because our compensation is not calculated as a percentage of your Google Ads marketing budget, so we have no incentive to advise you to increase it.  We are different from “Google Ads Specialists” who call for raising PPC budgets because they earn a portion of your total ad spend.

We focus on creating highly-efficient, cost-effective campaigns that maximize your return on investment by increasing your ad impressions while reducing your PPC spend.

We Cost-Effectively Increase Customer Engagement with High-Quality Content

We work to increase quality leads and customer engagement from your target market with high-quality content in your online ads.  We don’t “set it and forget it” like some inexperienced agencies or uninformed business owners. Instead, we constantly work to improve our clients’ Google Ad campaign quality scores, and directly improve quality lead generation.

Our Google ads feature such relevant core keywords and quality content that they consistently appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERP), where target customers actively search.

We Block Competitor Clicks to Prevent Click Fraud

Our cutting-edge click fraud prevention partners protect you from wasting your budget on off-target audience clicks. Each visit is passed through a fraud detection algorithm and data is gathered to determine if clicks are real or fraudulent. Fraudulent visitors are automatically blocked.

Types of Industries our Google Ads Management Supports

Our Google Ads Management services are ideal for businesses with 5 to 800 employees. 

Our digital ad strategies successfully support several industries: 

  • Home Services – Our Google Ads experts provide affordable PPC management for home services, contractors, and tradespeople seeking to grow their businesses.  
  • Professional Services – Local target audience exposure is crucial for professionals such as doctors, dentists, lawyers, therapists, accountants, and more.
  • Retail – Our Google Ads experts enable retailers to expand their market reach and attract new potential customers.

Experience the excitement of attracting new customers to your business through targeted online ads made possible by your dedicated team of Google Ads experts at Scribble Creative Group.

Let’s discuss how our Google Ads marketing services can work for YOUR business.  Contact Us Today!