Logo Design and Brand Identity

Where Logos are Conceived and Identities are Born

A logo isn’t just a basic symbol for a business, no. It’s bigger than that. A logo becomes the main visual representation of an entire brand and what that brand represents. It’s a key part of a brand’s visual identity.

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Café Services Logo Design

There are brands that come to mind the second you see a specific symbol, or even a simple color scheme. Those symbols and color palettes hold incredible power, and they’ve turned major brands into cultural canon, recognizable worldwide even by people who don’t use their products. Do you want to harness some of that power for your business? 

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TCG Logo Design

At Scribble Creative Group, we’re not just graphic designers. We’re brand identity designers. We take our clients’ visions, values, and voices and turn them into memorable and well-rounded brands, all through the power of effective design.

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Pet Resort Logo Design

What We Can Do for You

Why hire a brand identity designer anyway? 

When we work with our clients, we’re not just sketching their logos. We’re helping them turn a collection of vague ideas and visual elements into something real and tangible. Every day we turn concepts and core elements––sometimes sketched on napkins or in the margins of notebooks––into fully-fleshed designs that feel truly representative of our clients and their goals.

Fishing Charter Logo Design
Staffing Agency Logo Design
Architect Logo Design

It All Starts With a Logo

A logo is the starting point for something much larger. It’s like the first domino in a chain. Once it’s brought to life, it gives way to the other visual and tangible elements that turn a basic business into a memorable brand. 

We bring our clients on a journey and guide them through the entire branding process. We help them establish a strong brand voice and an entire visual identity that will turn them into a household name.

Car Wash Logo Design

Benefits of Effective Brand Identity Design

Increases Brand Recognition – Brand recognition is everything when it comes to your success. When someone sees a well-branded product, they immediately think of the company. In this way, the brand identity itself works as a type of advertising. Once you’re in the minds of potential customers, they turn into leads through no extra effort on your part. 

Improves Advertising Effectiveness – When a familiar and recognizable brand releases a new product or service, it ignites curiosity in previous shoppers and even those who are familiar with the brand, but have never made a purchase. You’ll get so much more value out of every last one of your advertisements if your branding is on point. 

Increases Customer Loyalty – Your customers are everything. Return customers will solidify your brand and help your business thrive, and a strong brand identity can turn more of your customers into return customers. Then, if you’re lucky, those customers will attract more customers through word-of-mouth.

We’d Love to Work With You

Whether you’re starting from scratch or your current brand needs an upgrade, our brand identity services can help you take your business to the next level. Remember, it all starts with a logo. Are you ready to see your business blossom? 

Contact us at Scribble Creative Group so we can start bringing your visions for your brand to life.