AJFoss™ Brand Development & Web Design

Branding and web design services

Client: AJFoss
Project: Brand Development & Web Design
Details: AJFoss is a second generation, family-owned precast concrete company out of Farmington, NH. Our team developed a new identity for AJFoss that positions them as the high-quality concrete precaster they are with a personal approach to business. The handwritten font in their logo represents the family’s pride in craftsmanship that goes into all their products and the striking burnt-orange brand color of their fleet vehicles draws attention and makes them stand out amongst competitors. That same burnt-orange color is used throughout their web site and other brand materials to maintain a sense of continuity and identity.

The AJFoss.com website does not just aesthetically mirror their brand image; it is also a highly-functional tool that ranks for numerous keywords and develops consistent leads for both their commercial and residential markets.

“Outsourcing our marketing to Scribble Creative Group is one of the best business decisions I’ve made for our company. The Scribble team introduced us to branding and how powerful of a tool it can be for small business owners.

Their SEO services have really benefited our bottom line and enabled us to compete with larger competitors in our market.”

Jon Cardinal – Owner