Café Services® Web Design

Small Business Web Design

Client: Café Services
Project: Web Design
Details: Café Services is a family-owned company with 800+ employees that has been providing corporate dining services for numerous corporations throughout the Northeast, west to Michigan and south to North Carolina since 1993.

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Matt Stone – Chief Operating Officer

Our challenge with the Café Services web site, was to visually showcase the depth and breadth of their high-quality food service. Nothing gets a point across quite like a photo but we needed a way to access photos of the mouth-watering variety of food being served every day that was cost-effective for the client. So we created an online photo repository so Chef Managers could upload photos from the field. This gave us the imagery we needed to effectively demonstrate to Café Services’ potential clients what they were missing.

We also created an area of the web site called “The Chef’s Plate” which adds substance to the diverse events that Café Services’ holds, such as company BBQs, banquets, corporate dining, holiday parties, micro markets, office parties, etc. 

Finally, the Café Services web site was built from the ground up to perform well in search engines. It consistently ranks for numerous high-value keywords bolstered by our SEO services.